Sise connects your people data sources to create unique insights into how teams work
We empower engineering teams with privacy-first, query ready, and actionable insights to make real-time decisions and scale their teams efficiently
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Visibility into how your team works
Sise gathers data from your dev tools, helping you visualize team impact, lead time bottlenecks, and onboarding velocity
Data LIbrary
Sise leverages emerging research on Developer Experience (SPACE Framework and DORA) to deliver real time insights, valuable metrics, and industry benchmarks:
+ Planned vs Unplanned (Stories vs Bugs)
+ Tasks & PR Cycle Time
+ Onboarding Metrics
+ Epic Progress & Bottlenecks
Customizable Dashboards
Leverage our ML models to enrich your datasets and configure your own reports based on how your company specifically works
How It Works
Sise’s ML models save enterprises time by making your data private, query-ready, and actionable for all stakeholders
Integrate your data sources with Sise. Our platform anonymizes the employee data we use, without reading any code content
Real-time analytics on the work-styles of your teams, how they collaborate and start identifying areas of improvement
Every company works differently. Use our models to build your own custom dashboards based on specific queries
Our customizable metrics library leverages data from tools such as:
Active Now
Active Now
Coming Soon
Active Now
...and many more!
Use Cases
Sise shares the most powerful engineering employee insights around:
Onboarding Efficiency & Ramp
Satisfaction & Wellbeing
Get unique visibility into the operational data on how your engineering org works.
Sise is setting the standard for developer people operations. Put employee experience first with data insights.
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